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Friday, February 1, 2013

Charges Pending In Latest Window Smashing Incident At Munhall Deli

(Photo Credit: KDKA)Police say charges are pending in connection with the most recent window smashing incident at Munhall?s Main Street Deli.

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Cash In Your Old Blackberry At

This post is sponsored by uSell, a price-comparison website that helps you find the best price when it's time to sell your BlackBerry, smartphones, and other used electronics. Find reputable buyers for your used devices on uSell. #sellblackberry

If you're a BlackBerry user, you're no doubt looking forward to the release of Research In Motion's new Blackberry 10 operating system on January 30 - and the slick new smartphones associated with it.

Options For Your Existing Device

But what are you going to do with your old Blackberry?

You could keep it in a drawer as a backup, or maybe recycle it - but that's leaving up to $200 on the table, which could be enough to pay for your new Blackberry 10 device, if you're signing a 2-year deal.

There are tens of millions of Blackberry users around the world, and they'd love to take that Bold or Curve off your hands. The trick is how to sell it for a fair price without going nuts. That's where comes in. It can do the grunt work of finding the deal and securing your payment for you. 

Most providers will accept trade-ins toward your new phone, but like car dealers, they won't give you what you could make on the open market. For example, an unlocked Blackberry 9790 is worth $90 to Sprint Buyback. That same phone, in used condition, fetches $120 to $200 on eBay.

The extra cash makes eBay a popular choice, and you can certainly put your phone up for auction, but there are no guarantees. You might pick the wrong price. Phone values change every day, and last week's closing bids may be way off the mark by now.

You might not reach the right buyer at the right time. In fact, since Blackberry is so strong overseas, the best buyer may be on the other side of the world. Even if your phone sells, you'll still have to cope with flaky buyers, packing and shipping, and processing fees. If you just want to get paid and get on with enjoying your new phone, auctions can be a dicey bet.

That's why many people skip the auctions and sell their old phones to a reseller. Resellers quote you a fixed price, paid out when they receive the phone and confirm its condition. Resellers are faster and simpler than auctions, so you can get on with enjoying your new phone, but they raise their own questions. Can you trust them to pay? Could you have found a better deal somewhere else? Resellers are a step in the right direction, but they aren't perfect. Helps Find The Right Reseller For You

Enter, a reseller metasearch. uSell partners with dozens of resellers and gives you the tools to make the best decision for your situation.

The selling process is simple. Select your carrier (or choose "unlocked"), select your phone and choose your phone's condition. uSell returns a list of guaranteed offers from participating resellers, which you can sort by price, user reviews and overall match. Once you choose a reseller, just fill out a form and hit Submit.

Since uSell searches a variety of sources, the prices are exremely competitive. For the 9790 mentioned above, uSell offered quotes ranging from $31 to $135, all with free shipping. uSell manages the entire process, from shipping to payment, and guarantees the quality of all participating resellers. It's easier and safer than rolling the dice on an auction, and you know you're getting the best possible price from a reseller.

Of course, if you don't have a Blackberry to sell, you can still cash in. uSell will also find you the best reseller deal for other cell phones, iPods and even your old game consoles.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

How You Can Increase Traffic To Your Website

Instead of focusing of having a lot of viewers and using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, the focus should be on "why people must visit your site"? You must be able to answer this question your viewer is asking "What's in it for me?".

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HP Horns In on the Chromebook Action

The brief appearance of a spec sheet on HP's online shopping website Monday seemed to indicate the company has joined the list of Microsoft partners offering Chromebooks. The sheet listed details of the HP Pavilion Chromebook 14-c010us PC and carried an advertisement embargo date of Feb. 17. It may have been placed on the Web by accident, but it's also possible it was a marketing ploy.

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Carnegie Mellon To Raise Tuition Next Year

(Photo Credit: KDKA)Carnegie Mellon University is raising tuition 4 percent for new students next academic year and three percent for returning students.

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How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Builds Your Case

If you've been arrested for a crime, you need a criminal defense lawyer. This professional will build a case to protect your rights.

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Rugby foundation challenge - Can you cycle 101 miles for a great cause?

A FOUNDATION that helps change lives through the power of sport is challenging people to ride 101 miles - the distance between three of the region's biggest rugby clubs.
The brainchild of former Bristol winger Ben Breeze, The Bristol Rugby Community Foundation helps young people who may not believe they have a future and have fallen into a downward spiral of poor life choices.
Mr Breeze hopes 400 will sign up to the June challenge called Break the Cycle that will see cyclists ride between The Memorial Ground, Bath's Recreation Ground and Gloucester's fabled Kingsholm ground - and then back again.
Funds raised will be used to continue the good work with disadvantaged and disaffected young people.
To sign up visit or contact Louise Lawton on 07779 112554.

Rugby foundation challenge - Can you cycle 101 miles for a great cause?

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